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The business world is continually evolving. Skills and experience must be constantly developed and updated if our staff and organisations are to stay ahead of the competition. All Pringle PCS development training services are offered across the entire United Kingdom to provide any company, in any industry the full solution.

Pringle PCS specialise in the development and training of people from many industrial backgrounds and many roles within an organisation. We help any organisation identify and strengthen their skills and knowledge base.

We have an extensive IT, Business Skills and Health & Safety training course schedule with flexible alternatives such as one-to-one training, classroom bookings and on-site training throughout the UK.

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The main Headquarters of PCS are in Sheffield at Skywalker House, S9 5AB and have three dedicated IT training rooms and two conference rooms.

UK Training: PCS train throughout the UK at customer premises or assigned conference facilities. PCS can even bring full IT equipment that makes a standard office into a fully functional training room. PCS can also train in-house designed company programs or company procedures that would need rolling out throughout the organisation.

Scheduled Courses: PCS run scheduled courses at Sheffield PCS Training & Conference Centre, which are open to any learners from any organisation or company. This can make an enjoyable training day a network opportunity at the same time as gaining and improving required skills.

Bespoke Training: PCS have created a unique service whereby your employees can receive specific, individual training without the loss of a full working day. A PCS IT Master can go and wait in a designated room at the company premises so employees can turn up for appointments and then be shown and helped with their task/s at hand.

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