Accredited IT Training | Microsoft Word 2016

If you are working toward becoming career-ready you must have a working knowledge of Word 2016. This course will teach the basic concepts of Microsoft Word and build on those ideas to help you master this program. This course will teach you how to create and manage documents, and format text, paragraphs, and sections. The course will also help you study and prepare to take the Microsoft Word 77-725 Certification exam.

Course Content

Session 1
Section A: Introduction to Word 2016 Section E: Format Documents
Section B: Getting Started Section F: Customise Document Views and Options
Section C: Create Documents Section G: Print and Save Documents
Section D: Navigate Through Documents

Session 2
Section A: Insert Text and Paragraphs Section C: Order and Group Text and Paragraphs
Section B: Format Text and Paragraphs

Session 3
Section A: Create Tables and Lists Section C: Create and Modify a List
Section B: Modify a Table

Session 4
Section A: Create and Manage References Section C: Proofing the Document
Section B: Create and Manage Simple References

Session 5
Section A: Insert and Format Graphic Elements Section C: Insert and Format SmartArt Graphics
Section B: Format Graphic Elements Section D: Test Taking Tips