Accredited IT Training | Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

If you the desire to be successful in the business world, a working knowledge of PowerPoint 2016 is a must. This course will teach you how to create and manage presentations, insert and format shapes and slides, apply transitions, and how to use the new screen recording feature. The course will also help you study and prepare to take the Microsoft's PowerPoint 77-729 Certification exam.

Course Content

Session 1
Section A: Introduction to PowerPoint 2016 Section E: Order and Group Slides
Section B: Create a Presentation Section F: Change Presentation Options and Views
Section C: Insert and Format Slides Section G: Configure a Presentation for Print
Section D: Modify Slides, Handouts, and Notes Section H: Configure and Present a Slide Show

Session 2
Section A: Insert and Format Text Section C: Insert and Format Images
Section B: Insert and Format Shapes
and Text Boxes
Section D: Order and Group Objects

Session 3
Section A: Insert and Format Tables Section C: Insert and Format SmartArt Graphics
Section B: Insert and Format Charts Section D: Insert and Manage Media

Session 4
Section A: Apply Transitions and Animations Section C: Set Timing for Transitions, Animations
Section B: Animate Slide Content

Session 5
Section A: Manage Multiple Presentations Section C: Test-Taking Tips
Section B: Finalise Presentations