Accredited IT Training | Microsoft Access 2016

In Access 2016, the relational database app in Microsoft Office, you can design your own databases or use templates to create databases to share with others, namely coworkers. This course will take you through creating databases, creating tables, building queries, building forms, and building reports. These five topics are also the topics on the Microsoft Office Specialist exam for Access 2016 (Exam 77-730). This, combined with what you will learn about relational database structures, will improve your employability prospects in any position needing skills with small to medium-sized relational databases.

Course Content

Session 1
Section A: Introduction Section E: Manage Relationships and Keys
Section B: Introduction to Access 2016 Section F: Navigate Through a Database
Section C: Create and Modify Databases Section G: Protect and Maintain Databases
Section D: Rules of Databases Section H: Print and Export Data

Session 2
Section A: Create Tables Section C: Manage Records in Tables
Section B: Manage Tables Section D: Create and Modify Fields

Session 3
Section A: Create a Query Section C: Calculated Fields and Grouping
Section B: Modify a Query

Session 4
Section A: Build Forms Section C: Format a Form
Section B: Configure Form Controls

Session 5
Section A: Create Reports Section C: Test-Taking Tips
Section B: Configure Report Controls Section D: Conclusion
Section C: Format a Report