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Pringle PCS Training Newsletter - June 2018

Whether you’re looking at a completely new career change or have your eye on a new role within the company, why not look at all the courses PCS deliver to help you active your goal. We have courses in IT, Business Skills and First Aid, all of which can be held at your site as well as here at Skywalker House.

Adobe Illustrator Introduction
Wednesday 20th June 2018
Special Offer Price: £75 per person + VAT

This introductory course will guide you through the basics of Illustrator. We will guide you through the tools and layout of Illustrator. After we guide you through the essentials of controlling the Illustrator environment, we will show you how to create simple logos, draw and trace objects, and export the results for the web and for print. This course is a great first step toward becoming a digital artist.
Overview (Course Outline / Features / Menus / Toolbars)
New Document (Creating / Formatting / Page Sizes / Margins / Double Side / Facing Pages / Columns)
Importing (Files / Graphics)
Editing Images (Resizing / Cropping)
Styles & Image Control
Masks & Frames (Inserting / Options / Shadows & Borders)
Wrapping Text (Around Framed Image / Around Line Art)
Widow & Orphan Controls
Multiple Pages (Adding / Deleting)
Zoom Controls
Master Pages (Setting / Editing / Numbering)
Objects (Selecting / Duplicating / Group & Ungrouping)
Saving & Printing

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