Accredited IT Training | Microsoft Excel 2016
Title: Excel 2016

If you are looking to start a career in business or finance, having a working knowledge of Microsoft's Excel 2016 is a must. Our new and exciting course will teach you how to reveal insights hidden in your data with the help of new features such as the “Tell Me” feature, chart options, and more!

Course Content

Session 1
Section A: Introduction to Excel 2016 Section D: Format Worksheets and Workbooks
Section B: Create Worksheets and Workbooks Section E: Customise Options and Views
Section C: Navigate in Worksheets and Workbooks Section F: Prepare Files for Distribution

Session 2
Section A: Manage Data Section C: Summarise and Organise Data
Section B: Format Cells and Ranges

Session 3
Section A: Create Tables Section C: Filter and Sort a Table
Section B: Manage Table Styles and Options

Session 4
Section A: Calculations with Formulas and Functions Section C: Use Text Functions
Section B: Use Conditional Functions

Session 5
Section A: Create Charts and Objects Section D: Test Taking Tips
Section B: Format Charts Section E: Conclusion
Section C: Insert and Format Objects

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