Business Skills Training | Marketing By Social Media
Title: Marketing By Social Media
Course Code: SSS07 | Duration: 1 Day

This course will give you and your company the necessary skills to use social media effectively. This course will not only teach you the skills required to market you or your company to its fullest potential but will leave you with the confidence to achieve this. Keeping up to date in today’s social world can be a daunting task but with our guidance and hands on approach nothing is impossible. Each module covered will highlight specific tools, teach practical techniques and give you ideas that can be applied to create your social media strategy.

Who Should Attend Marketing By Social Media Training?

This course would be suitable for users of social media who use advertisements and want to expand their knowledge of implementing social media strategies.

Benefits From Attending The Training

Understand which social media sites are suitable for your organisation
Confidently use the social media sites to engage with your audience
Integrate social media with your company goals
Be able to create a social media advertising campaign

Course Content

What is social media advertising?
The advantages of advertising via social media
Why can social media help your business
How to set up and start using social networks
Types of social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
What is Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn?
The Do’s and Don’ts when advertising via social media
What is YouTube advertising?