Business Skills Training | Team Leader Essentials
Title: Team Leader Essentials
Course Code: SSM03 | Duration: 1 Day

Do you have to manage people but still work as part of the team? Being a Team Leader is a challenging role and requires a range of skills. These skills will be covered in interactive sessions to ensure you have a clear understanding of the role and the ability to develop this crucial position.

The focus of our workshop will be how to use these tools and ideas to benefit you and your company.

Who Should Attend Team Leader Essentials Training?

The Team Leader development programme aims to give practising and potential team leaders the foundation to aid the formal development of their role.

Benefits From Attending The Training

The Trainer will use the Team Leader’s real-world issues, needs and examples as a basis for discussions and practice. However confidentiality will be maintained throughout.
Development of leadership skills and a preferred style.
Understanding the effects of good and bad leadership.
To develop open and positive communications through team briefing.

Course Content

The Role of the Team Leader
Understand the role of the team leader
Understand the limits of his/her authority
Build respect and trust within the team
Adopt an appropriate leadership style
Team Development/Structures
Understand the benefits of team work
Understand the stages in team development
Understand team roles and responsibilities
Organising, Prioritising and Motivating
Set smart objectives and determine priorities
Adapt plans to meet changing circumstances
Understand what motivates people

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