Business Skills Training | Resource Development & Personnel Management
Title: Resource Development & Personnel Management
Course Code: SSIN01 | Duration: 5 Days

Managing people doesn't have to be daunting or difficult task, however this often happens that when good people don't develop the skills they need become poor managers. Our Management Training focuses on preparing managers to succeed right from the beginning.

Who Should Attend Resource Development & Personnel Management Training?

The Resource Development & Personnel Management Training aims to give managers the tools and skills to manage successful Staff, Teams, Departments and Offices.

Benefits From Attending The Training

Keeping people on board
Taking responsibility
Managing conflict
Learning how to feed upwards
Doing it all instead of delegating
Feeling they have to look busy all the time to justify their role
Wanting to be 'one of the boys/girls' instead of managing theme
Avoiding conflict and not intervening when it's needed
Inadequately managing their own and other's time
Hiding in the detail instead of getting strategic

Project Management

Introducing Project Management
Terminology and Project Lifestyle
Identifying Needs, Aims and Objectives
Project Aims, Objectives and Initiation
GANTT Charts, Budgets, Risks and Issues
Monitoring Change, Stakeholders and Termination

Time Management

Key Terms and the Benefits of Time Management
The 6 Laws of Time Management
Time Stealers and Interruptions | Time Saving Methods
Monkey Management
Meetings and Summing Up

Leadership Skills

Leadership and Management | Leadership Theories
Team Development and Leadership
Communicating One-to-One with Individuals
Individuals Within Teams | Moving Forward Together

Stress Management

What Is Stress and Why Is It a Problem? | The Causes and Symptoms of Stress
The Law on Stress and Its Contravention | Minimising the Risk of Stress

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Resource Development & Personnel Management
Developing Management Competance
Team Leader Development Programme
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