Business Skills Training | Project Management
Title: Project Management
Course Code: SSI06 | Duration: 1 Day

The aim of this course is to provide project managers and project team members with an awareness and basic understanding of the way a project is planned and managed.

Who Should Attend Project Management Training?

Project managers, team leaders and team members who need to know more about how to go about managing a project; specifically the planning, resources and delivering on time and on budget.

Benefits From Attending The Training

An understanding of basic project management techniques
An ability to identify the key characteristics of successful projects
An understanding of good practice techniques

Course Content

Introduction (the nature of a project, the benefits of project manager, different types of projects)
Project Initiation (setting objectives, defining the scope, establishing the strategy)
Project Organisation (work breakdown structure, project organisation, outline plan and milestones)
Detailed Planning (identifying dependencies, assigning responsibilities, allocating resources)
Controlling Projects (monitoring, taking action)
Personal Qualities of Project Manager (motivating and delegation, communicating and leading)