Business Skills Training | Introduction To The Role Of The Supervisor
Title: Introduction To The Role Of The Supervisor
Course Code: SSI05 | Duration: 1 Day

Being an effective supervisor can sometimes be a daunting task, especially for the new or inexperienced supervisor. This one day seminar will provide the skills and confidence to carry out this highly difficult and sometimes, underrated role.

Who Should Attend Introduction To The Role Of The Supervisor Training?

This course is for potential and recently appointed supervisors, team and cell leaders. Also for those who have been in their job for some time but who have not had any previous supervisory training.

Benefits From Attending The Training

Fully understand the role and key responsibilities of the supervisor associated with achievement through people
Recognise which style of leadership to use in different situations
Understand the importance of words, tone and body language when communicating

Course Content

What is a supervisor? - Defining the role and purpose
What does a supervisor have to help and how do we manage our resources?
Skills and qualities to manage effectively
What is a team and what does a team need to be effective?
Managing the work, developing organisational skills
Where and how to use delegation
Understanding the supervisors role in motivation
Developing communication skills

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