Health And Safety Training | Manual Handling
Title: Manual Handling
Course Code: SSH07 | Duration: Half Day

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations define it as 'any transporting or supporting of a load (including the lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving thereof) by hand or by bodily force'. In effect, any activity that requires an individual to lift, move or support a load will be classified as a manual handling task.

Who Should Attend Manual Handling Training?

Anyone involved in the moving and handling of goods and people could be at risk. Injuries and suffering can be linked to any work involving handling of loads. There are risks in handling even light loads if a repetitive task is being carried out in poor conditions. Poor ergonomics and workplace layout are a factor in many hazardous manual handling tasks.

Benefits From Attending The Training

Be able to deliver legal compliance
Reduce sickness and absenteeism
Lower healthcare costs, insurance premiums and compensation claims
Improve the productivity of the workforce

Course Content

Manual Handling and the Law
Spinal Awareness
Keeping your back healthy
Principles of safer manual handling of loads and equipment
Personal risk assessment
Formal risk assessment