Business Skills Training | Handling Difficult Customers
Title: Handling Difficult Customers
Course Code: SSG08 | Duration: 1 Day

Providing customer service today is not always easy, customers often have heightened and seemingly unreasonable expectations of service levels. In general, we have a potentially explosive cocktail. This course helps staff to manage difficult customer situations with greater skill and confidence, recognising that transforming a difficult situation can result in a lifelong ally.

Who Should Attend Handling Difficult Customers Training?

For staff who are likely to encounter difficult customer situations, either in person or on the telephone.

Benefits From Attending The Training

Identify what makes a customer 'difficult'
Handling complaints through the development of questioning and listening techniques
Skills to communicate calmly and professionally
Skills of assertiveness and how to apply the technique

Course Content

Causes of difficulty: what make your customers difficult?
Different communication channels and their effect: face to face, on the telephone, written.
Managing your own responses: Keeping in peek condition, emotionally, and professionally.
Communicating confidently and calmly: under pressure and saying things in the right way.
Strategies for handling dissatisfaction: turning around a tricky situation or complaint.
How to say "No": when you can't say "yes"
Controlling your own anxiety, anger and fear in a conflict situation
Stopping conflict from escalating