Business Skills Training | Confidence And Assertiveness
Title: Confidence And Assertiveness
Course Code: SSG05 | Duration: 1 Day

The aim of the workshop is to encourage you to make decisions and implement changes that will give you direction and add value to your life.

Who Should Attend Confidence And Assertiveness Training?

This course would be suitable for those who may find communicating with colleagues, managers and external customers challenging. The aim is to improve and develop their confidence and assertive skills in dealing with others.

Benefits From Attending The Training

Clarify what confidence and assertiveness looks sounds and feels like.
Challenge self-limiting beliefs.
Make choices about behaving differently to get different results without changing your personality

Course Content

Self-Belief (challenges, rejection, understanding your qualities, confronting challenges)
Life Focus Smart Objectives - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time
Effective Communication Skills (body language, listening skills, positive attitude)
To have the ability and knowledge to be able to gain the results you want without causing conflict.
To have the ability to find a reason for resolving a situation, to meet the needs of all concerned.