Online Training | Working At Height
Title: Working At Height
Course Code: ONHS17 | Duration: 105 Minutes

Working safely is in the interest and concern of all staff – both the employers and employees. Workers have an expectation to go home at the end of the working day not having been injured - or having had their health affected by - any workplace activity, or as a result of it.

Who Should Attend Working At Height Training?

This course would be ideal for people who want to learn the rules and regulations for working at heights and also the risks and how to minimise them.

Course Content

Introducing Work at Height
The Dangers of Work at Height
The Work at Height Regulations
Summary of Duty Holder's Responsibilities
Employer's Responsibilities
The Hierarchy of Control
Avoiding Work at Height Wherever Possible
Prevent Risk of Falls
Minimise Consequences
The Risk Assessment
Course Summary

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