Online Training | Manual Handling
Title: Manual Handling
Course Code: ONHS12 | Duration: 75 Minutes

Manual handling covers a wide range of activities and incorrect manual handling is one of the most common causes of injury at work. The nature of the load itself doesn't matter if you have to use your muscles, then its manual handling and, well, you're in danger.

Who Should Attend Manual Handling Training?

Anyone involved in the moving and handling of goods and people could be at risk. Injuries and suffering can be linked to any work involving handling of loads. There are risks in handling even light loads if a repetitive task is being carried out in poor conditions. Poor ergonomics and workplace layout are a factor in many hazardous manual handling tasks.

Course Content

What is Manual Handling?
Manual Handling Regulations
Safe Handling
Learning Safe Handling Habits
Practical Manual Handling Solutions
Use of Mechanical Aids

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