IT Training | Microsoft Access | Summary

Microsoft Access is one of the world’s most popular database management solutions which allow companies to store, analyse and sort data. Microsoft Access is a relational database engine that can have a graphical user interface called forms. These forms can be used to allow a user to input, find, update or delete data and more importantly print detailed formatted reports.

Many companies have databases created in Access however they have problems improving, updating or amending their databases; with this PCS course the user will gain the knowledge and confidence needed to use the program efficiently and more importantly with the Support from PCS, we will be able to help the delegate to start creating or fine tune their own internal databases. PCS has a dedicated Solutions team that provides commercial systems for many international clients. With their years of experience and knowledge PCS have created a 3 stage program of courses that shows the main areas to start mastering this industry standard database application.

Title: Inside Access
Course Code: ITD04-5 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Introduction | Price Grade: Premium
  Course Description: The first stage aims to give users the knowledge and confidence to start using and understanding access databases. The stage explains the differences between flat and relational database with primary and foreign keys this will allow the user to learn and understand database structures and start producing linked Tables – Queries – Forms – Reports. Even people with previous Access experience will gain invaluable, practical knowledge from the experience and expertise of our PCS trainers.
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Title: Queries & Reports
Course Code: ITD06 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Intermediate | Price Grade: Premium
  Course Description: This course is aimed at users that have attended the previous stages or who are very experienced and understand Primary and Foreign Keys (1 to Many). This course is perfect for people needing to question, append, delete data and produce professional reports on an existing database.
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Title: Access Advanced
Course Code: ITD07 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Advanced | Price Grade: Premium
  Course Description: Creating user-friendly forms is sometimes very hard to achieve. This course uses all the experience from the PCS Solutions team by showing all the possible and impossible solutions. Introducing Macros and subforms from queries.
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Title: Access Accreditation
Level: Microsoft Office Specialist | Price Grade: Premium
  Course Description: In Access 2016, the relational database app in Microsoft Office, you can design your own databases or use templates to create databases to share with others, namely coworkers. This course will take you through creating databases, creating tables, building queries, building forms, and building reports. We recommend that delegates complete the intermediate and advanced levels at PCS beforehand.
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