IT Training | Microsoft Excel | Introduction
Title: Spreadsheets Made Easy
Course Code: ITS12 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Introduction

One of the hardest problems users face in Excel is Percentages (Finding, Adding and Deducting). This course shows some simple steps of how to conquer this problem allowing users to create more complicated spreadsheets that they can trust and use effectively. In addition, linking spreadsheets is one of the easiest ways to improve your readable data with the introduction of some new formulas i.e. Today, Median, Mode and Absolute Cell Referencing. Delegate’s confidence will quickly grow allowing them to start learning filtering and subtotal functions.

Course Requirements

No previous experience of Microsoft Excel is required however the delegate should have knowledge in basic computer skills i.e. how to use a mouse and keyboard.

Course Content

Keyboard (Function Keys / Shortcuts)
Screen Layout (Terminology / Toolbars / Navigation)
Formatting (Opening - Closing - Saving / Text / Columns & Rows)
Editing (Planning / Autofill / Copy / Cut / Paste / Paste Special)
Printing (Selection / Entire Workbook / Worksheet / Page Setup)
Data (Sort / Filter / Subtotals)
Basic Graphs (Bar / Area / Pie)
Basic Formulas (+ - ÷ × / Basic Percentages / Absolute References / Averages / Dates)
Data (Sort / Filter / Subtotals)
BODMAS: (2+2*2=6)
Average / Median / Mode Formulas
Count / CountA / CountBlank / Countif Formulas
Min / Max Formulas
Today Formula
Problem Solving Workshops
Question and Answers

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