IT Training | Adobe Photoshop | Masterclass
Title: Adobe Photoshop Masterclass

Course Code: ITM13 | Duration: 3 Days | Level: Masterclass
Course Price: £1485 | One To One Only

Course Description

The course begins with an overview of the program and navigation of the screen. By the end of the course delegates will be able to insert and edit images, use the painting and editing tools and work with layers and types.

The course then expands on your existing knowledge of this program, by introducing more advanced management techniques such as using channels and masks, using filters and creating animations and roll-overs.

Course Requirements

PCS strongly recommend that the delegate needs to have attended both levels of the Photoshop courses at Pringle PCS or at least have the high standard working knowledge.

Course Content

Opening and Saving Files
Image and Colour Basics
The Painting Tools
The Editing Tools
Making Selections
Channels and Masks
Colour Correction Techniques
Web and Multimedia Images
Animations and Rollovers
Slicing and Image Maps