IT Training | Microsoft Visio | Masterclass
Title: Visio Design Masterclass
Course Code: ITM11 | Duration: 3 Days | Level: Masterclass
Course Price: £1485 | One To One Only

Course Description

One of the lesser-known productivity packages from Microsoft, Visio lets you create diagrams such as flow charts, process diagrams, organisational charts and even floor plans and maps. Visio works with pre-loaded shapes and objects that let you drag and drop items onto your workspace.

Once you've added an item, you can also adjust size and orientation with simple tools from the object borders. For floor plans, Visio includes a complete set of object stencils, including everything from structural walls and doors to electrical, plumbing and heating elements.

Course Requirements

PCS strongly recommend that the delegate needs to have attended both levels of the Visio courses at Pringle PCS or at least have the high standard working knowledge.

Course Content

Create Connected Diagrams
Add Additional Objects to Diagrams
Format Objects and Text
Show and Hide Visual Elements
Publish Diagrams to Various Outputs
Work with Layers
Work with Themes
Create Organisational Charts
Create Brainstorming Diagrams
Create Timelines
Work with Floorplan Diagrams