IT Training | Adobe Photoshop | Advanced
Title: Photoshop Advanced
Course Code: ITG09 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Advanced

The advanced course expands on your existing knowledge of this program, by introducing more advanced management techniques such as using channels and masks, using filters and creating animations and roll-overs.

Course Requirements

This course is intended for delegates with an intermediate knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, or have completed the previous stages.

Course Content

Paths (Converting Selection To Path / Pen Tool / Showing & Selecting / Add, Delete & Convert Points
Channels and Masks (Quick Mask Mode / Channels Palette / Saving & Loading Selections)
Colour Correction Techniques (Brightness, Contrast & Colour Balance / Auto Levels & Colour)
Filters (Filter Controls / Unsharp Masks & Sharpen Filters / Smart Sharpen / Blur / Reduce Noise)
Web & Multimedia Images (Save For Web / Preview & Save Optimised Images / GIF, JPEG, PNG Settings)
Animations & Rollovers (Creating Simple Animation / Frames / Optimising & Saving / Tweening)
Slicing & Image Maps (Slice Tool & Slices From Grids / Creating From Selection / User-&Auto Slices)