Since 1994 PCS have delivered training for companies across all sectors, from IT, Soft Skills and Health & Safety. We have now expanded our training program so that you can watch our training videos online. This will deliver an immediate impact that will improve staff performance and efficiency.

You can create a single user account or set up a business account. This will enable you to have as many licenses as you want for your staff, our online courses will cover all of your organisation’s needs. You can purchase specific courses for each member of staff that you would like them to learn.

Each course has numerous modules that contain an exam at the end. This allows you to monitor the progress of your staff. You get 3 chances to achieve the pass percentage on each module. If you fail a module more than 3 times you will have to contact the distributor to arrange a reset. A maximum of 3 resets are allowed per course before it is permanently locked and you would have to purchase the course again.

After each course the delegate will be awarded a certificate of completion that will look great in your CV and also for personal and company development.

If you are interested in our online courses we can give you a demo version that provides you with a login to access the courses we have to offer, and to find out more information on each. The demo gives you access the first module of each course.

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