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Microsoft Visio is a graphics drawing package with applications that assist the user in tracking their workflow; communicate with their department's reporting structure, or enhancing their presentations with complete ease. Close integration with the leading MS Windows applications, such as MS Office and Lotus Notes, means Visio provides the non-specialist with a comprehensive range of drawing tools.

Title: Creating Drawings and Diagrams
Course Code: ITG03 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Introduction
  Course Description: During this one day training course, you will learn fundamental MS Visio skills whilst creating several types of diagrams using Visio, including flow charts, flow diagrams and organisational charts. Little or no experience using Visio is required; however, you should have a good understanding of the MS Windows environment.

You will learn basic Visio techniques and shortcuts to enhance your productivity, together with how to use the unique tools designed for each type of drawing.
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Title: Visio Design Masterclass
Course Code: ITM11 | Duration: 3 Days | Level: Masterclass
  Course Description: One of the lesser-known productivity packages from Microsoft, Visio lets you create diagrams such as flow charts, process diagrams, organisational charts and even floor plans and maps. Visio works with pre-loaded shapes and objects that let you drag and drop items onto your workspace.

Once you've added an item, you can also adjust size and orientation with simple tools from the object borders. For floor plans, Visio includes a complete set of object stencils, including everything from structural walls and doors to electrical, plumbing and heating elements.
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