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Microsoft Project is a project management software program which assists project managers or a project team developing plans, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing budgets and analysing workloads. It also is also possible to easily show risks or issues within a task or project. This program has a few bugs and analogical processes but with PCS’ experienced expert trainers, a difficult process can become very simple and easy to understand.

There are many simple wizards with Project that can actually create some bad practices if not shown all the pit-falls. Using this program correctly will make planning a project feel like using a crystal ball to forecast future tasks or plans.

Title: Simple Projects
Course Code: ITP01 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Introduction Part 1
  Course Description: This course starts with an overview of the whole program explaining why it can be used as a Project Management tool. The Wizards within Project can be simple to use but can lead to bad habits being formed. If a project is going to be set up and used as a tool for planning and tracking, then the rules have to be set up correctly. This course will provide a plan using a Gantt Chart by creating Calendars to show how tasks can be linked to each other. Once a Project has been created properly the next step will be how to track and report its progress.
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Title: Planning The Future
Course Code: ITP02 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Introduction Part 2
  Course Description: This course starts with creating Calendars and changing how many hours in a working day. Different Calendars will be assigned to Tasks and Projects, and by the end of the course, assigned to Resources. Most of the course will be focussed in the Gantt Chart View, however other views will be introduced i.e. Task Sheet, Network Chart and Resources Sheet. There will be an introduction to how to assign resources to more than 1 task and to more than 1 person. One of the most beneficial parts of the course is that users are shown how to link multiple projects together.
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Title: Using Resources
Course Code: ITP03 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Intermediate
  Course Description: This course is aimed at those wanting to use Resources within a project or projects. Once Resources are assigned properly the users will be able to see costs and working hours assigned to a task or project. Linking multiple projects is taken further in stage 2 to incorporate the Resource Pool which one set of resources assign to multiple projects. This can be one of the easiest ways to improve productivity measurement within a project or projects.
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Title: Advanced
Course Code: ITP04 | Duration: 1 Day | Level: Advanced
  Course Description: The advanced course takes all previous stages within the project courses and combines them together; this takes them to next level. As Microsoft Project is a Database, on this course users are shown how to customise and create new fields that can be tailored to make a process more simple or complex formulas using SQL statements. Using a Traffic light system is a common request with projects and these can be added to show risks, issues or highlight slack within a task or Project. This course will give the confidence and ability for any user to be able master this program.
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